Astros, Arkadia’s special “star”.

Probably the most beautiful summer resort of Arcadia, since it combines the unique natural beauty with the ancient heritage. With the nearby cities and Athens within walking distance, Astros offers the absolute holiday experience with a variety of options for every taste.


Paralio Astros (Onshore Astros) is the most important summer resort of Arcadia. It is locat-ed at 4km. from Mesogeio Astros (Midland Astros) and at 49km. from Tripolis. During the last years the town has seen a notable growth in touristic and building terms. On the star-shaped peninsula or ‘Island’ –in earlier years


Moustos Wetland

At a very close distance there is the wetland of Moustos, an oasis of green and natural beauty. At Moustos you can see and observe a plethora of fauna and flora species, as well as admire the unique scenery. Moreover, at Astros Center for Environmental Information,

Herod Atticus

Another notable sight is the Villa of Herodes Atticus, a few kilometers outside Astros. Herodes Atticus -a famous politician and sophist- built the Estate in the 2nd century B.C. in the area of the ancient town Eva. The Villa of Herodes Atticus is the most important and richest



Exactly opposite the Villa of Herodes Atticus is located the monastery of Metamorfosi tou Sotiros Christou (Transfiguration of Christ the Saver), also known as Moni Loukous. It is built on the ruins of the ancient temple of Polemokratis, the grandson of Asklipios. At a close distance to the monastery there is